What's been happening~

Well, it's been a pretty fun start to the year so far. I got booted clean off of Cloudflare (my fault, of course!), rebuilt my mail server because of something basic I couldn't get working, noticed the bandwidth of my site shooting through the roof and I've been blacklisted for seemingly no reason (specifically on qt.vidyagam.es; the subdomain that files are served from).


The Cloudflare escapade would have been a lot better managed had they actually warned me prior. So this is just a warning to you guys out there doing what I do but on your own services, and also use Cloudflare; they warn you after the fact - via email.
That means, after they obliterate your account hosting your records, if you use those records for mx records (like stupid me did), your warning email will go into a black hole.

Again, this would have been handled better if I was actually in the office the day that this happened; but it just so happened to be the one day so far I was traveling, to Ireland, so I was on a bloody ferry with a not-too-stable wifi connection, trying to go to sites, and doing all this on a public network no-less, so I had to have my VPN running and due to the unstable nature of the network, it wasn't very easy. I got it back up that day, despite travelling for hours and being in meetings and all that stuff; so a victory for me, after a lot of complaining and sighing passive aggressively at everything.


What an interesting year for the little Pomf clone that just keeps on ticking away. We're nearing 40K files as of writing this, averaging a LOT of bandwidth (outbound) per month for me; 100~600GB per month, which is a fairly big amount, and partially why cloudflare probably picked up on it, since I had a free account. Teehee.

My goal is just to keep it going, your files are backed up off-site, encrypted and safe.
I haven't had a lot of take down notices, 3 in total. You can find them on the front page of Sugoi.

So yeah, keep on uploading and downloading, I'll keep the site alive because I genuinely have fun looking after it all, any infrastructure upgrades I'll plan in advance and let you all know beforehand - but I'm probably talking to myself here, no one reads this shite.


Moving forward, what else do I want to achieve with all this? I don't know. Maybe something like imgur? Something to take the place of sli.mg or whatever it was; without the disappearing act and shitting all over their promises of free speech respect. Who knows, I'll probably need better hardware if I pull off something like that; and somehow get it advertised. I'd also like to do something regarding encrypted voice communications that's a little bit more modern compared to our current Mumble server; though this really only affects me and my friends who use it.

Either way. Have fun, kids.