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Proxmox Multiple IP Routing

I decided to make a little post about how I managed to get my virtual instances working with their own public IPs in Proxmox, since I'm really REALLY new to the software, and I had a look around and nothing anyone said seems to have worked, so I figured I'd document how I got it going in hopes someone translates it into their own setup.

I did all this in the Debian Jessie variant of Proxmox.

Network adapter for your host machine:
auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface lo inet6 loopback
auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address X.X.X.X # The IP assigned to your Proxmox host netmask gateway Y.Y.Y.Y # Gateway for your Proxmox host pointtopoint Y.Y.Y.Y # Same IP as above
auto vmbr1 iface vmbr1 inet static address Z.Z.Z.Z # One of your assigned IPs netmask # Your assigned subnet - /29 in this case bridge_ports none bridge_stp off bridge_fd 0

On your host machine, go to /etc/sysctl.conf in your editor of choice (I'm a pleb, so I use nano), sudo, or however you please and uncomment net.ipv4.ip_forward=1 to allow packets to get forwarded.
This can also be achieved by running sudo sysctl -w net.ipv4.ip_forward=1.

That should be your host machine ready for stuff, well, this is what I did and it worked anyway but your mileage may vary.

Network adapter example for your guest machine:

As this doesn't actually need to be configured within the guest machine, you can just set this up in your container set up.

This is how I did mine, is one of your IPs you got in your block, and is the IP address of your Proxmox host. Not its gateway, but its actual IP.

I'm not sure if it's right, but I just increase the ID and the Name by 1 for each guest I create, probably uneeded, at least when it comes to the Name, but this is just what I did to get it going, and I'm new to the software - so if you have any advice feel free to send it over to me at ryan (at) vidyagam.es.

When you boot your guest machine up after configuring it's network like above, it should work, it did for me!