Pluralsight for 6 months and more

In the various discussions in the offices in regards to our bettering ourselves in terms of training, Pluralsight came up, which is a big site with lots of training courses on it for all sorts of walks of life, I was interested in the IT/Dev side of course, but there is some other stuff there that some of you might like? I found a link in this reddit thread that points you to log into Microsoft's Site here:

Use your @whatever.thing microsoft account to log into that, and go through the motions and there you have it, the ability to have 6 months free on an awesome training site as well as some other neat perks by clicking "get code" under it, and then creating a pluralsight account.

I'm not shlling for MS or Pluralsight, but access to a site like that for that length of time is a useful thing for sure.

Hope it's useful to someone! Also, I'm not sure how long it'll be around for so hop to it.