Plans for Sugoi

You may have seen in the previous post, if you even read this pish, but if you're here it's because you had no choice; I'm going to be removing the ability to upload new files to Sugoi, and this has came after much deliberation.

My reason, basically, is that I just can't be arsed dealing with the flow of malware, take-down requests and other nonsense. I work a full time job, I'm currently looking to advance my career (I'm a sysadmin if you didn't guess), and I want to be using my time to learn more relevant things.

I'll be keeping my server, the files that are already uploaded, I'll make sure they remain active as there are more legitimate files than not. The domain "", is a bit of an eye sore but I'll keep it around as I use it for my email address.

The whole domain was built with it's various services as a tool for me to learn how to manage this sort of thing, and for what it's worth, I have learned a great deal; I'll continue to work on things but file hosting probably isn't going to be one of them, except from my own personal files.

We reached 100GB of files before I made this decision, so thanks to you people that kept using the service, and I hope I made it a fairly decent service to use.

If you have any queries about your data, or want a copy of it for archival purposes, my email address is somewhere; locate that and send me over some stuff.

As per, I'll update this blog as and when I have anything worth saying.