Moving Forward

I really need to try and actually update this thing every so often, I keep forgetting.

Anyway, I've been busy with work a lot more as of late, as well as browsing about for a potential new job, which I would like; but I have got some plans for Sugoi specifically.

Plan A

I was wondering about the domain name, is it a bit much? It is. sugoi(dot)vidyagam(dot)es, it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. I was considering getting an additional domain and then migrating to it. Maybe, we'll see.

I can't think of anything cool and aesthetic though.

Plan B

Web server backend. It's Apache, of course it is. I'm lazy, what else would I use, but I'm fully aware of scalability and performance. Apache doesn't really compete AS well as nginx or others in this, but honestly, I think the instance of Apache I'm running so far is doing okay. It's been a learning experience.

Plan C

Load balancing. I run Sugoi out of one container, with x amount of resources allocated. On a single dedicated server, running lots of other stuff. It's fine just now, and I don't actually think we'll gain enough popularity* to warrant such a thing but for learning reasons, I might do it anyway. It ties up nicely with Plan B anyway. The initial draft of the design is on my whiteboard, I'll action it soon(tm).

*I don't have a huge twitter presence, IRC presence, participate in nonsense internet dramas or any other stupid bullshit, so I go mostly unnoticed.


What else has been happening though... I've been thinking of more things to add to the sites roster of pointless shit no one uses. Pass, can't think of anything. Lots of resources though, so if you've any idea, send them into me. Contact details are somewhere.