How to install Mumble for the normal human!

In this guide, I will outline the very basic steps to install and configure Mumble in the easiest and most efficient ways possible, so you and your friends can get to enjoying a free (as in freedom!) vocal communication experience.

Step 1) use your google to search for mumble installer dot corm. Click the third entry as there's a high chance that the first two will install a russian bot worm virus in your windows.

Step 2) you'll be on Sourceforce - you can tell this is where to download things as they're literally the source of all programs. Legends state, windows was forged in the sourceforbes. Click the big green button, green means safe.

Step 3) Save your package, you want it to be safe because if you let it download and run, it'll run from your temp folder, which means that it won't get as many wages and then just before their 3 months is up - it'll get uninstalled. Temps never get it easy.

Step 4) You see, it downloaded fine. Open up the folder you downloaded it into just to make sure that it's 100% there. If the icon is visible, you know it's not a virus.

Step 6) Highlight your freshly plucked mumble installer, if it highlights blue, that means it came from the cloud. As the clouds are in the sky, and the sky is blue.

Step 7) Delete your installer. Don't ask me why, we don't have time to get into it.

Step 8) You'll see it has vanished and there's no immediately visible shortcut on the side there to get to your recycle bin, did you remember to put it in the proper bin? Applications don't mix with paper or plastic.

Step 9) Go to your recycle bin by typing "Recycle Bin" in the little bar where the text is in your files menu place, not the google menu but the one where you look at the pictures you downloaded when you don't have your googler open. You know the one. Empty your recycle bin, get rid of the nasty ass installer.

Step 5) Contemplate life as you transcend the need for a physical body, you no longer require mumble as you are able to communicate at an atomic level, you are ephermal and also omnipotent. You can destroy and recreate a billion universes without blinking your no eyes. You have become all.